University of California, Berkeley

  • Spring 2021

  • Fall 2020

    • ELENG 290 Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering, by Yi Ma

  • Spring 2018

    • MATH 222B Partial Differential Equation, by Lawrence Craig Evans

    • STATS 206B Advanced Topics in Probablity and Stochastic Processes, by Jim Pitman

    • INDENG 290 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering and Operation Research, by Paul Grigas

  • Spring 2017

    • INDENG 223B Financial Engineering Systems II, by Xin Guo

    • ELENG 227C Convex Optimization and Approximation, by Martin Wainwright

    • INDENG 265 Learning and Optimization, by Anil Aswani

    • INDENG 263B Applied Stochastic Process II, by Xin Guo

    • INDENG 262B Mathematical Programming II, by Shmuel S. Oren

  • Fall 2016

    • INDENG 250 Introduction to Production Planning and Logistics Models, by Phil Kaminsky

    • INDENG 263A Applied Stochastic Process I, by Gideon Weiss

    • INDENG 262A Mathematical Programming I, by Alper Atamturk